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Click the images below to learn about my range of online courses...

Join Me Today On A Journey Of Personal Transformation...

Click on the images below to learn more about each of my range online courses. Discover how
by making small changes in your thinking, you
can yield far greater results in your life!
Kain Ramsay, UK's Leading Strategic Life, NLP & Careers Coach
Live your life in such a way that when you
get up each morning, the Devil say's 
'Awe shit, they're awake!'
The 'Breakthrough' Course
Warrior Mindset: Take this high-impact journey of self-discovery to help you shorten the gap between where you are, and where you want to be in life.
The 'Life Planning' Course
Dynamic Goal Setting: A complete guide to goal setting, action planning, getting a vision for your future and planning out the rest of your life.
The 'Life Purpose' Course
Clarity - A Complete Guide to Getting Unstuck in Life: Discover the steps you can take towards a more passion filled life and purpose filled future.
The 'Confidence' Course
Unshakable Confidence: Become secure in the truth about who you are to build genuine confidence and authentic self-esteem that lasts!
The 'Self-Esteem' Course
Super-Confidence: Transform the scale of your social circles, build strong inner confidence & discover why it's totally 'OK' not to be liked by everyone! 
The 'Assertiveness' Course
Ultimate Assertiveness: All you need to know about genuine assertiveness, managing conflict & being completely honest with ALL people ALL of the time.
'Communication Skills' Course
Become a Superstar Communicator: Discover the timeless truths that will allow you to transform the quality of your most important relationships.
The 'Productivity' Course
The Productivity Secret: Everything you need to know about aligning with your core values, transforming your productivity & fulfilling your potential!
The 'Stress' Course
The Stress Factor: Everything you need to know about the primary causes,
the numerous expressions and the preventative measures of stress
The 'Depression' Course
Breaking The Cycle of Depression: All that you need to know about the main causes, the multiple expressions & preventative measures of depression.
Coming Soon...
Relationship Coaching Boot Camp:
An ultimate guide to maximising the quality of your social, intimate & professional relationships.
Coming Soon...
Leadership Influence: Develop your leadership potential, transform your professional influence & enhance
your leadership effectiveness.
Click the images below to learn more about my range of FREE workbooks...
The Life Purpose Workbook
It's been said... that our two main days in life, are the day we're born & the day we find out why. This book should help you find this answer!
The Goal Setting Workbook
Set Goals & Create a Meaningful Vision For Your Future: A useful guide to goal setting and creating a vision for each of your seven main life areas.
The Life Planning Workbook
Dynamic Life Planning: Get this 130 page Life Planning & Goal Setting workbook today. Define your goals
and strategically design your future!
The Life Balance Workbook
Gain a holistic overview of your 
seven primary life areas, and an actionable framework for bringing them all back into balance.
The Problem Solving Workbook
Life is full of problems... but for some people, the greatest issue they have, is not having a strategy to manage these problems. Hense, this workbook exists!
Master The Inner Game eBook
Thought-provoking insights to help you understandyour beliefs; where they come from; how they get fixed in our psyche & how we can change them!
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